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A Wonderful Day For Daycare

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At Keshlyn Kennel we are here to provide with you great daycare for your pet.  Social interactions contribute to health and happiness which in turn helps keep your dog safe and behave properly in your home.  It helps prevent normal expressions of boredom or lack of exercise such as barking, chewing, or destructive behavior.  And once you get home your dog is calm, allowing you to unwind from your hectic day, without any guilt since your dog is tired and happy.
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Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Daycare offers the benefit of socialization with other dogs as well as our staff.  As a result, your dog will have more positive responses to other dogs when he encounters them outside of Fido.

Daycare is also very helpful in minimizing separation anxiety.  If you spend most every day with your dog, it can be traumatic when you do need to leave him.  Bringing him even one day a week will help him understand that you will return each time you leave.  He will also get to know some dogs who come on a regular basis, as well as our staff.   

Do you work all day? Do you feel guilty for leaving your dog home alone by itself all day?

Do you have a hyper dog that loves to play and needs more exercise then you are able to give during the day? If you answered yes to any of the questions, then our doggie day care is your solution!!

We understand dogs and their need to exercise. Boredom leads to destructive behaviors such as chewing, licking, digging, or barking.

Play keeps a dog's body and mind active - and builds a healthier, happier, better behaving pet.

If you have plans at night there will be no guilt for leaving your dog at home because he/she will be tuckered out from a full day of play with us!!

You can rest easy the entire workday knowing that your pet is safe, secure and happy!!

Your dog will have its own individual indoor/outdoor run where we will provide bedding, food and water. You are welcome to bring any toys or bedding from home if you prefer.

Your dog will have constant interaction with our staff throughout the day.

We will take your dog out in our large fenced in play yard several times throughout the day.

We can do individual playtimes which consist of your dog being taken out with one of our staff for some one on one attention and playing.

We can also do playtimes with any of our playtime buddy